My Favorite Things by Mayumi Sakizawa, marimba


♫ Miyuki ITO: Fading Memories... for marimba (2000) 

The Sands of Time    2009.7.7 on sale  ALCD-80

         ~ Five Works for Instruments With Computer Interaction ~

♫ Miyuki ITO:Réminiscence d'un ancien esprit... pour soprano /

     petite percussion et electronique (2002)  

♫ Miyuki ITO:The Sands of Time for bass flute (2003)

♫ Miyuki ITO:The Labyrinth of Mind for ondes martenot and recorded electronics (2003)

♫ Miyuki ITO:in a state of Flux... for sho, satsuma-biwa and live electronics (2004)

♫ Miyuki ITO:The Incarnation of Thunder and Wind for cello and live electronics (2007)

Kaoli Isshiki, soprano; Camilla Hoitenga, bass flute; Takashi Harada, ondes martenot;

Hiromi Ueda, sho; Kakujo Iwasa, satsuma biwa; Dave Eggar, cello

* Paintings on the front & inside by Hiroko Ohno, Japanese prominent painter

  1. *Portrait Photos by Matthew Kleinrock, photographer

CD review detail, August 2009

Press release

リリース日: 2009/7/7 (日本語)

℗ 2009 ALM RECORDS / Kojima Recordings, Inc.


Release Date: Jul 07, 2009 (English)

℗ 2009 ALM RECORDS / Kojima Recordings, Inc.


★レコード芸術2009年9月号記事/ Classical Music Magazine review Sep.2009

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・order from:  IRCAM, Paris

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Review in English in the USA.  英語記事レヴューアメリカコンピューターミュージック雑誌

with Hiroko Ohno’s painting

2015.12 on sale ( 2 works of Ito included / 2作品収録)

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La Otra Voz    2020.7.22 on sale

~ Inspired by Mexican Culture ~  TFCC-2004

♫ Miyuki ITO:Strings’ Soliloquies for 25-string koto & guitar

♫ Miyuki ITO:La Otra Voz for fl, cl, vn, vc, pf w/electronics

♫ Miyuki ITO:Creación de las aves for 25-string koto, guitar & percussion

♫ Miyuki ITO:Figuras Cristarizadas for fl, cl, vn, vc, pf , 25-string koto & guitar

♫ Miyuki ITO:Étoile Double (II) for 2 ondes martenot

♫ Miyuki ITO:Cantos Nuevos for soprano w/electronics

♫ Miyuki ITO:Fading Beauty (IV) for 25-string koto w/electronics

Onix Ensamble, Norio Sato (guitar/conductor), Maya Kimura (25-string koto), Takeshi Kubota (percussion), Takashi Harada, Wakana Ichihashi (ondes martenot) and Eiko Morikawa (soprano)

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★レコード芸術2020年9月号 準特選盤



2021.7 on sale ( “Lunar Phases” for flute, viola & harp of mine included / 『月の位相』収録・ドイツ)

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2024.2 on sale ( “Chatoyancy” for cello with electronics of mine included / 『変彩効果』収録・メキシコ)

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